Spam Posts on the MPARC Web Site

Earlier this evening I was alerted to something that was not quite right with the MPARC web page. Kenny KM4KZC notified me of the problem and I immediately took care of some spam postings that had been made, apparently using my admin account. The vandals did a good job in making it look as if these posts took place a while ago, though I do not believe they were up there for more than a couple weeks.

I have an idea of what might caused this and have taken any and all appropriate measures to ensure that this kind of vandalism does not happen again. This kind of thing is something that can happen to sites that are based on the WordPress platform, which is what I have built the MPARC site on. I thought I had done everything I could to ensure this kind of thing does not happen, though you don’t ever know for sure until the security measures are tested.
I will do a better job at not only ensuring that the security for the MPARC web site is up to the latest standards, but also verifying that there is no vandalism-like behavior taking place. I thank Kenny for brining this to my attention, as I may not have noticed this otherwise. I encourage everyone to visit the site from time to time and contact me if and when you see something that isn’t quite right, whether it be spam-like content or a mistake I may have made. I will respond to any inquiries promptly to ensure our web site represents the club in the best way possible.