Club Site Fixed Again

**Update 3-6-17** Scott from QTH, the hosting company for the Web site, responded to my inquiry about what might be happening to our site. He has guided me through the use of some other tools that I can use to beef up security on our site. This will help plug any security vulnerabilities that may be discovered and hopefully eliminate further attacks.

If it happens again I will let him know and leave the damage visible for him so he can see what is happening and suggest further measures to take. This is all a new experience for me. While I have read about things like this happening with a WordPress site, I had never experienced it.

Original post:

Several people brought to my attention that the club’s web site was vandalized again over the past couple weeks. I am not quite sure who is doing this or what the motivation is behind the attacks. I thought that the changes I made a few weeks ago were sufficient enough to prevent this kind of thing from happening again. However, I have found that the damage was more extensive this time and required more work to solve the problems.

I have taken additional measures to try and keep this from happening again, as I do not want to go through the work again to restore the site to proper form. I will also be contacting the company that hosts the web site on their servers to see if they can assist me with trying to prevent future attacks on the site. Maybe they can clue me in as to what is going on and what I may not be doing correctly on my end that would cause such things to happen.

I thank everyone again for alerting me to what has been going on. This is not something that I have experienced before, but it serves as a good learning tool for future sites that I may be involved with maintaining.