W4HZL Repeater

MPARC owns and operates the ’37 Machine located on the WXGM tower in Gloucester. It has been on the air since 1999, and has a coverage area including the middle peninsula and lower peninsulas of Virginia.

The W4HZL repeater has a frequency of 145.370, with a negative offset. While a tone is not required on the input, there is a 100.0 Hz tone on the output. This is useful for combating interference by using the “tone squelch” capabilities of modern rigs. When “tone squelch” is employed, only signals containing the provisioned “sub-audible” tone will be passed to the receiver.

Users are encouraged to program their radio with the 100.0 Hz tone to allow for seamless operation should the tone be implemented on the input in the future.

Other Area Repeaters

Below you will find a list of other repeaters in the area. Some may only be reached with a mobile or base station rig. Unless otherwise noted, the standard offset for 2 Meters is 0.600, and the 70 CM offset is 5.000.

LocationCall SignFrequencyPL Tone
Hampton-Langley AFBKG4NJA146.670-173.8
Gloucester (Walter Reed Hospital)WN4HRT145.210-100.0
Newport NewsWN4HRT147.000 (- offset)100.0
WilliamsburgKB4ZIN146.760-118.8 (output only)