Club Social Gathering after May W5YI Testing Session

MPARC is having an informal gathering after the W5YI Test Session on May 26. Due to the test session location change, we have decided to meet for lunch at Nick’s Spaghetti and Steak House at Gloucester Point around 12:00-12:30pm. We decided it would be nice to have a time to get together for those that are unable to attend the regular meetings either due to other commitments or being unable to drive after dark.

After lunch, we are also planning to do some Field Day planning and just have some social time.  YOU DO NOT HAVE TO COME FOR LUNCH but are welcome to do so.  If you can’t make it for lunch, come around 1:30 and join the planning session even if you don’t have plans at this time to come to Field Day.  The guys may be doing some demo (or just discussion) on logging software that is used as well.  This is a great opportunity so I hope you will be able to come.

If you are planning to attend, please send an email to Joy W2JMS so she can have an approximate head count to give to the restaurant.

We hope to see you for a fun afternoon on May 26th.