New Club Email Reflector

Information from Joy W2JMS:

The club had a Yahoo group set up for sending out info to all members.  This was to ensure that everyone was able to stay up to date on club information.  Unfortunately, it developed many problems and most of us quit using it.  I set up an address group in my personal e-mail from the roster to make sure I was getting to everyone and many chose to use the addressees on my e-mails to forward info.  This was working, but it cause the e-mails to be very long and since many use their phones they would have to scroll through a long list to get to the important stuff.   So we set about finding a new way.

Yesterday, Joe (K4JJS) was able to finish getting a new messaging system set up.  The system is   He was able to take the e-mail addresses on the current roster and force feed them into the new system and send out invitations to all to join the group.  All of you should have received that invitation.  Many of you have already followed the instructions in it and started receiving info.  I wanted to send this out to urge everyone to join the group and use that system.  The old Yahoo groups reflector will be disabled on January 1, 2019.

For the immediate future (as I transition back as the Secretary for 2019) I will send out info by addressing e-mails to that group and to my address list so that no one misses anything important.  If you have any questions about the new group, please contact Joe or I.