Bill Conkling, NR4C, SK

MPARC is deeply saddened that one of its long time members became a silent key last week. On Wednesday March 24 Bill Conkling, NR4C, passed away. Bill was a very prominent member of the club, having served as president twice, and was a regular at special events for many years.

Bill also liked portable operations, and would set up a station in places like the Colonial Parkway and operate HF.

Many club members knew him as “RC”, not just because of his call sign, but also because he got into the hobby originally through his interest in radio controlled airplanes. Some of the planes he flew used radio control frequencies within the amateur 6M band, which prompted him to get his technician license. The rest, as they say, is history.

The club will definitely miss Bill, as he was a very welcoming and knowledgable individual. If ever you asked him a question about something he would do his best to help you find an answer. Many club members looked to him as an elmer, or a mentor in ham radio.

A memorial service for Bill Conkling (NR4C) will be held at 2PM, Thursday, 8-APR-2021 outdoors in the churchyard at Bruton Parish Church. Parking will be permitted on Duke of Gloucester Street right beside the church. Interment will be in the church cemetery.